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Flight Training

MTAA offers a wide variety of services that include, but, are not limited to:

Discovery Flight:

~ Have you always thought about learning to fly or want to surprise a loved one with something other than flowers? Come out for a discovery flight. You'll be paired up with one of our instructors and take to the skies. You'll be able to experience the Clarksville area from a birds eye view. Proving that the SKY Is Not the Limit!!! Its the Beginning!!!

Private Pilot License:

~ Looking to pursue your dream, new hobby, or in the process of beginning your career in the aviation industry? Work with one of our experienced instructors to get your private pilots license. This process is at your pace. Your instructor will map out a plan that fits your needs and help you decide what will be most beneficial to your uniue situation. 

CFI and CFII training:

~ Ready to take your avaition skills to the next level? We have several instructors ready to help you get there. 

Instrument ratings:

~Bored with VFR flying? Challenge yourself and prepare to become even more well rounded as an Instrument rated pilot.

Additional instruction include:

~Sport Pilot
~Rotor Transiiton Training
~Commercial Ratings (Single & Multi Engine)